Tree of life and light

Tree of Life & Light is a social entrepreneurship, nonprofit organization, with the goal of being a catalyst of wellbeing for our planet and its people. Our vision is to inspire individual and collective social responsibility towards happy, holistic, sustainable lifestyles and peace. Our organization accomplishes this mission through green events based on arts, entertainment, collaborations and selfless service that cares for philanthropy. We also hold periodic awareness workshops –
  • Yoga – corporate and private workshops for groups on yoga postures , hand mudras , philosophy and meditation
  • Energy Healing – workshops on Crystal, Theta and karmic Quotient healing
  • Conscious culinary – food workshops that help us use food as natural preventive medicine without compromising on taste.
  • Art - including visual arts, theatre and music- using arts as a healing tool

The organization is founded by Amena Bal, a social entrepreneur, an impassioned yoga practitioner, teacher, healer and philanthropist. After working for 10 years in the corporate world Amena discovered her true purpose through Tree of Life and Light. The organization is supported by qualified, talented members and a pool of freelance specialists who are invited depending on the requirements.

Our Manifesto

The Tree of Life and Light refers to a state of consciousness where absolute oneness of reality is perceived and recognized. Our essence resides in positive, sharing of Light consciousness that nurtures and elevates everything it perceives making it abundant and whole

Tree of Life and Light aims is to encourage and apply the principal of interconnectedness. Our business model is based on collaborative fund raising, in which the economics of receiving value is based on giving , upholding the idea of paying it forward - if we want to grow and flourish we must support another to grow and flourish. In this new age paradigm, our world’s success is based on collaborations and not just pure competition. Creating a better world is dependent on how we as individuals and corporations can show people the art of hosting change by being an integral link in the chain of change – “to change the world we first change ourselves! “

We believe for societies to thrive we need bold new ideas that bring people together from different backgrounds to cross fertilize their talent pool and share core competencies. Not only do we hope to bring benefits through the ripple effect but also inspire individuals and corporations to offer selfless service, going beyond profit goals to support interdependence and conscious sustainable growth.

Our Grace of Giving

Our deepest desire at Taradale and Tree of Life and Light is to give back to the community , which we do through our micro philanthropy grants .Our charity benefactors include
  • Lok kalyan samiti ( )
  • Global Cancer foundation ( )
  • Unniti ( )
  • Nirmaya ( )
  • Green Peace India ( )
  • Yoga Gives Back ( )